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We are the Dog People, who turned our friendship into an adventure in business and we want to be your dog’s second-best friend.

Our home base is Wicomico County Maryland, where we currently offer dog day care & dog training with our fancy new day care facility.

Whether we’re walking, sitting, training, or playing, our goal is to provide your dog with a balance of fun and structure while they’re spending time with us. 

Let’s do dog things!

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Safety & Happiness

The well-being and contentment of your beloved pet stand as our utmost priority. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment of transparency and meticulous attention to detail in every facet of your pet’s care.

Fun and Structure

We proudly assume the role of your dog’s cherished companion! Our commitment ensures that your pet relishes every moment spent with us, be it in the lively realms of daycare or the enriching arena of training sessions. Our team of pet experts expertly balance structured guidance with abundant, enjoyable activities, guaranteeing your pet’s joy and well-being.

Teaching Proper Petiquette

From behavior to leash and potty training, our dedication knows no bounds! Our mission revolves around transforming your pet into the ultimate companion. With a team of adept training professionals, we employ current techniques to ensure your pet’s excellence. We invest quality time not only in training your pet but also in empowering you to sustain their progress within the confines of your home

Our Goals & Mission

Welcome to The Dog Company, where we aspire to become your dog’s cherished companion. Nestled in the heart of Wicomico County, Maryland, we proudly extend our offerings of dog day care and professional training within our expansive 2200 square feet indoor haven.

Whether in the realm of training or play, our mission remains unwavering—to harmonize excitement and discipline in your dog’s experiences under our care. From fostering learning to facilitating frolic, we are committed to crafting an environment where every moment is a delightful balance of both.

So, let’s embark on this journey of “dog things” together—a realm of shared joy, growth, and companionship that transforms us into not just trainers and caregivers, but trusted friends to your beloved canine.

Dog People

Highly Trained Pet Experts

With a profound adoration for dogs and a wealth of experience spanning years, our team is exceptionally skilled in their care. Our experts are dedicated to furnishing a secure, cozy, enjoyable, and health-conscious haven for your beloved furry companion. Entrust us with the responsibility, and we’ll safeguard your pet with the same vigilance and affection as if they were part of our own family.


Over the span of ten years, I have wholeheartedly immersed myself in the vibrant tapestry of the dog training community. My unwavering commitment has been driven by an insatiable desire to enlighten individuals about the intricate dynamics governing their relationships with their canine companions. Central to my ethos are the tenets of effective leadership, emotional equilibrium, and the pinnacle of canine virtue – obedience.

My journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, characterized by my active participation in a diverse array of seminars. These symposiums have delved deep into the nuances of obedience, unpacked the art of socialization, unraveled the mysteries of pack dynamics, and charted the complex territory of behavioral modification. Concurrently, I’ve diligently kept pace with the ever-evolving landscape of canine scholarship, ensuring my expertise remains rooted in the cutting-edge.

Yet, amid this rich tapestry of training methodologies and academic exploration, one fundamental truth emerges – the crux of my passion lies in the transformative power of human connection. Guiding individuals toward those “eureka moments” is my ultimate joy. Witnessing that profound shift in perspective, where the intricacies of the human-dog relationship become clear as day, is the foundation of my mission.

In this journey to achieve dog training mastery, emotional resonance, and the art of socialization, I find myself continually drawn back to the human dimension. It is through empowering people, instilling in them the wisdom to fathom the intricate language of their beloved canine companions, that I truly fulfill my purpose. Every revelation, every breakthrough, every “aha” moment – they collectively propel me forward in this voyage of enlightenment, both for the humans who seek it and the dogs who thrive under its light.


Greetings, I am Kelsey—an ardent canine aficionado and devoted dog trainer for over four years. My journey with The Dog Company commenced in March 2019, and the profound joy it brings me is boundless. In this dynamic role, I have found my true calling: to instill not only obedience, but also an abiding tranquility and a profound mutual understanding within each and every dog I encounter.

My passion resonates deeply with coaching humans as well. I relish the opportunity to guide pet owners along the path of cultivating harmonious relationships with their furry companions. By adeptly bridging the gap between human understanding and canine needs, I empower owners to become adept leaders and nurturing caregivers.

At The Dog Company, I orchestrate a symphony of care and camaraderie. Every dog that enters our realm is met with the utmost consideration, as I meticulously handpick playgroups that foster compatibility and discourage conflicts. Our haven is one where safety and enjoyment converge seamlessly. From spirited play sessions that forge friendships to serene moments of repose, each aspect of the day is thoughtfully curated to enrich the lives of the dogs under our care.

My aspiration is to perpetuate a legacy of excellence in canine care, ensuring that every dog entrusted to The Dog Company finds solace, stimulation, and companionship. With unwavering dedication, I shall continue to create an environment where dogs flourish and their time is filled with nothing short of boundless happiness.



An advocate for canine well-being and a steadfast member of The Dog Company family since September 2020. Armed with a B.S. in Biology from Salisbury University, my journey has been underpinned by an unyielding passion for animals and an insatiable curiosity about their behavior. This drive has found its ideal canvas within the rich tapestry of The Dog Co.

As a custodian of canine camaraderie, my role revolves around orchestrating an environment that not only embraces play but also thrives on the principles of socialization. At the heart of this endeavor lies the creation of meticulously curated play groups, a daily art form that pairs dogs based on shared play styles and compatible personalities. With judicious precision, introductions are meticulously handled, ensuring a harmonious interplay that exudes positivity.

My approach to fostering friendships is akin to a slow dance—a gradual, deliberate rhythm where engagement with diverse dogs is built step by step, mirroring the natural pace of the dogs themselves. This patient journey is a testament to our commitment to each dog’s emotional well-being and comfort, ensuring that the bonds forged are as enduring as they are joyful.

But it’s not all earnestness; we also celebrate the lighter side of canine camaraderie. Our daycare is not just a space for play; it’s a canvas for imaginative, themed parties that infuse light-hearted fun into each dog’s day. These festive gatherings encapsulate the essence of our commitment—care that extends beyond the ordinary to create moments of sheer canine delight.

My mission continues to be an ever-evolving pursuit of knowledge and application, guided by an unquenchable thirst for enhancing each dog’s experience in our care. As I navigate this remarkable journey alongside The Dog Company, I am resolute in my dedication to ensuring that every wagging tail is met with an environment that not only enriches but also celebrates the unique spirit of every canine companion.

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