Brew River Restaurant and Bar hosts a Charity Bartending Competition throughout the summer and the Dog Girls lept at the opportunity to help support an organization they love, the Worcester County Humane Society.The doing girls traded in their leashes for an evening of Bartending & Raffle ticket selling, with all tips, 20% of the bar sales & all prize proceeds Benefitting the Worcester County Humane Society.

The turnout was AMAZING, to say the least. We had dog girls galore piling in, fetch fam showing support & met countless new friends!

We had a blast stepping outside of our norm to help out such an amazing organization that helps so many animals each year. This one was for you Worcester County Humane Society!

Special Thank You to Belly Busters, Edit Downtown Salon, The Brick Room & CTG Radio for all of your donations for our raffles!

-the dog girls